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.Primed at \hc rniriot ( )ffi( p. Greensboro'. N, C, 



Mlmlts nt l^t 16811; $tssm nt 

Spring Hill Church, Halifax Co., Va., ] 
Saturday, June 17th, 1854. ) 

jPresbytery met according to adjournment and was opened with a 
Sermon by Rev. Thomas U. Faucette, the Moderator, from Jeremiah 
8th chapter, 22nd verse. Constituted with prayer. 

Present, Rev. E. Mitchell, D.D., Thomas Lynch, A. Wilson, D.D.j 
James Phillips, D.D., Wm. N. Mebane, A. Stanfield, John S. 
Grasty, F. N. Whaley and Thomas U. Faucette, Ministers. 

With Messrs. R. I. Smith, S. W. Hughes, Dr. Robert H. Scales, 
E. Cuthbert, S. L. Venable, J. H. Lindsay, W. Baird, Samuel Wat- 
kins, S. D. Booker, R. V. Watkins, Charles Phillips and Wm. B. 
Cartel, Ruhng Elders. 

Absent, Rev. William D. Paisley, J. H. Pickard, E. W. Caruthers, 
Jesge Rankin, Robert Burwell, Gr. W. Ferrill, Thomas R. Owen, D. 
Lacy, D.D., J. Doll, E. C. Bittinger, A. G. Hughes, Archibald Cur- 
rie, C. K. Caldwell, James N. Lewis, James Stratton, N. Z. Graves- 
and James H. McNeill. 

Rev. John S. Grasty was chosen Moderator and Rev. Thomas U. 
Faucette and Mr. Charles Phillips, Temporary Clerks. 

Rev. S. A. Stanfield was chosen Stated Clerk, pro tern., and the* 
aainutes of the last Session of Presbytery were read. 

Letters of excuse were received from Rev. J. Boll and Rev. Archi- 
bald Currie for absence from the present Session of Presbytery. 

The ministers not present at the last Session of Presbytery also gave 
in excuses for their absence. 

Rev. W. Baird, from the Charleston Presbytery, being present^ 
was invited to sit as a Corresponding Member. 

Rev. T. G. Wall, from Winchester Presbytery, presented a record 
of his dismmission from that Presbytery to join this. There tbeing 
some intormahty in the papers that he prcseuted^ the Rev E. Mitchell^ 

I). J)., and lley. A. Wilson, D. D., with Mr. Wm. B. Carter were 
appointed a Committee to examine and report on the said papers. 

The Treasurer presented a verbal report, and the Rev. James Phil- 
lips, D. D., and Mr. Samuel AVatkins were appointed a Committee to 
examine his book and accounts. 

The Treasurer was directed to present to Presbytery a list of the 
Churches dehnquent to^the Commissioners fund, to the Contingent 
fund of Presbytery and to the Contingent fund of the General As- 

Rev. S. A. Stanfield and Rev. A. Wilson, D. D., with Messrs. R. 
I. Smith and J. H. Lindsay were appointed aCom.mittee to examine 
and report on the assessments now laid on the Churches. 

A call from the Church of ]Milton for the pastoral services of Rev. 
William P. Wharton, was read in Presbytery and being found in order, 
was put into Mr. Wharton's hands. 

The Church at Newborn presented a call for the pastoral services of 
the Rev. T. Q. Wall. 

Rev. Messrs. Mebane and W^haley with Mr. Carter were appointed 
a Committee to examine the Sessional records of the Churches on the 
firsthalf of theroll. 

Rev. Messrs. Wilson and Lynch with Mr. Samuel Watkins were 
appointed a Committee to examine the Sessional records of the 
Churches on the second half of the roll. 

Rev. William N. Mebane reported that he had declared the Church 
of Danville vacant. 

The report of the Committee of Domestic Missions was made the 
order of the day for Monday, at 2 o'clock, P. M. 

The ministers, appointed at the last meeting of Presbytery to supply 
destitute Churches and Missionary fields, made reports on the duties 
assigned them. 

The nominations for supplies made by the Committee of Domestic 
Missions were amended, adopted, and are as follows : ^ 

The Committee of Domestic Missions nominate the following list 
of supplies with the recommendation that they labor two or three days 
at each of these places respectively, including a Sabbath, and adminis- ' 
ter the Sacrament of the Lord's Supper, if convenient, viz : 

Pittsboro', J. Phillips, D.D., (2 Sabs,) and Rev. Dr. Mitchell. 
Lexington, John M. Sherwood. 
Si:\pw Creek, Speedwell and Gum Grovc; J. Doll. 
Graham, A. G. Hughes. 


Gilend, "Wm. P. Wliarton. 
Murfreesborough/ T. R. Owen. 
Mount Airy, 0. K. Caldwell and E. W. CaruMiers, 
Union, J. W. Montgomery and William N. Mebanc. 
Williamston and Plymouth, N. Z. Graves, F. N. Wlialey and k^. 
A. Stanfield. 

Kinston, Drury Lacy, D.D. 
Danville) John S. Grasty and J. W. Montgomery i 
Kespectfully submitted, 

J, 1)0LL, Chairman; 

Madison, N. C, June 6th, 1854, 

Reports were received from the Churches as to their care of thd 
poor within their bounds. 

Reports were received as to the faithfulness shown by the Minis- 
ters of Presbytery in attending to the third chapter of the Directory 
for public worship. 

Rev. James N. Lewis requested that he might be dismissed to 
Montgomery Presbytery. His request was granted and the Stated 
Clerk directed to furnish him a certificate thereof, as being in good 
and regular staftding. 

Mr. Dau'lT. Towles, having represented that he was laboring entirely 
within the bounds of the Fayetteville Presbytery, requested that ho 
might be placed under the care of that body. His request was grant- 
ed and the Stated Clerk directed to furnish him with a suitable testi- 
monial as a licentiate. 

At the request of both the parties concerned, the pastoral relation 
between the Rev. James Stratton and the Church at Washington wa;^ 

At the request of the Rev. James Stratton, the Stated Clerk was 
directed to furnish him with letters of dismission to the Charleston 
Presbytery, he being in good standing with this Presbytery. 

Mr. Calvin Morrow, a member of the Church at Bethlehem was 
introduced to Presbytery as a candidate for the Gospel Ministry. 

The Presbytery then adjourned to meet on Monday at 9 o'clock, 
A. M. Closed with prayer. 

Spring Hill, Monday, June 19th, 1854. 
Presbytery met according to adjournment and was opened with 

, The minutes of Saturday were road and corrected^ 


Rev. Edward Hines ftppeared in Presbytery and gave satisfactory 
reasons for liis tardiness. 

Mr. Jolin Amis, Ruling Elder from Shiloli, appeared in Presbytery 
and took his seat. 

The Committee appointed to examine the Rev. Mr. Wall's letters of 
dismission from Winchester Presbytery, reported that although some- 
what informal they were not invalid, and therefore recommended that 
Mr. Wall be received upon the usual examination. 

After an examination sufficient to assure the Presbytery of Mr, 
Wall's soundness in the faith, he was received as a member of Orange 

Mr. Calvin Morrow was examined as to his hopes as a christian and 
as to his intentions and expectations in seeking the Ministry. His 
examination proving satisfactory, he was received as a candidate for 
the Ministry of the everlasting gospel under the care of this Presby^ 

Newborn, Clarksville and Madison, were nomiiiated as places suita- 
ble for the next regular Session of Presbytery. 

Rev. Washington Bajrd, Superintendent of the ojierations of the 
Board of Publication in sundry of the Southern States, being desi-^ 
rous of presenting the objects of his agency to the Presbytery it was 
ordered that an opportunity be granted to him on Tuesday at 10 
o'clock, A. M. 

The Committee appointed to arrange the assessmente made for 
Presbyterial and Synodical expenses made a report which was accepted 
and adopted, and is as follows : » 

" The Committee, to whom was referred the subject of Church as-, 
sessments, offer the following report, viz : 

Resolved \stj That this Presbytery will hereafter raise annually by 
assessment on the Churches the sum of 3G7 dollars, to be called the 
Presbyterial Fund. 

Resolved 'Iiidj Of this fund the Treasurer shall pay annually-^ 

1. To the Contingent Fund of the General Assembly a sum equal 
to 50 cents for each ordained Minister and each licentiate of this Pres- 

2. The annual travehng expenses of our Commissioners to the Gen- 
eral Assembly. 

3. The Contingent expenses of the Presbytery, Salary of the 
Stated Clerk, Postage, &c. 

4. The quota of this Presbytery to the Contingent expenses of 
Synod, Salary of the Stated Clerk, Postage, Printing of the Minutes, 

5. To the Treasurer of Synod one third of the aggregate expenses 
of the Directors of the Union Theological Seminary in traveling to and 
from the Seminary. 

6. For the printing of the Minutes of the Sessions of Presbytery. 
Eesolved 8rc?, That this amount be raised by the following assess- 
ments, to wit : 

1. Grassy Creek, ^8 

2. Haw Fields, 14 

3. Red House, 6 

4. Eno, 7 
6. Buffalo, 10 
6. Nutbush, 7 
r. Gilead, 2 

8. Speedwell, 3 

9. Gum Grove, 2 

10. Little River, 6 

11. Alamance, 12 

12. Bethesda, 9 

13. Stony Creek, 5 

14. Griers, 6 

15. Bethlehem, 7 

16. Cross Roads, 11 

17. New Hope, 6 

18. Bethel, 7 

19. Raleigh, 16 

20. Hillsborough, 12 

21. Newbern, 16 

22. Oxford, 7 

23. Spring Grove, 7 

24. Washington, 16 

25. Geneva, 5 









Spring Garden, 





Spring Hill, 


Chapel Hill, 

Snow Creek, 












Kespeptfully submitted. 


The Committees on Sessional Records made sundry reports which 
were accepted and adopted. 

Presbytery then spent an hour in devotional exercises. 

Rev, John A. Scott of West Hanover Presbytery being present, 
was invited to sit as a corresponding member of this Presbytery. 

The same invitation was extended to Rev. David W. Scott of the 
Baptist Church, 

At 2 o'clock, P. M., the order of the day was taken up and consid^ 
ered, vi? : The report of the Committee of Domestic Missions. Seva 
eral addresses were delivered after the reading of the report, and a 
collection was made in aid of the funds of this Board. 


The Committee on the Jrensurer's Book reported that the ac-^ 
counts and vouchers were all in proper order. 

The Eev. Messrs. Wilson and Lynch and Mr. Samuel L. Yenable 
were appointed a Committee to confer with and examine such of our 
candidates as may be present at this Session of Presbytery. 

It was determined that the stated Clerk should have three hundred 
copies of the Minutes of Presbytery printed and distributed to the 
Churches, and that the funds to pay for the work be taken from tlie 
Presbyterial Fund. 

An interesting meeting was held at the instance of the Revs. Messrs. 
Mebane and Stanfield concerning certain matters connected with Un- 
ion Theological Seminary. 

The Agent of Foreign Missions made a verbal report to the effect 
that- he could not, after many attempts, collect any materials whereof to 
make a report on the cause committed to his care. The Agent also 
tendered the resignation of his office and it was accepted. 

The Church of Bethesda asked and obtained leave to employ Mr. 
John W. Montgomery as stated supply for the next six months. 

Resolved J That the Presbytery will hear the sermon on the subject 
assigned to'llev. Wm. N. Mebane to-morrow at 11 o'clock, A. M. 

The Presbytery then adjourned until Tuesday at 9 o'clock, A. M. 
Closed with prayer. 

Spring Hill, June 20th, 1854. 

Presbytery met and ^vas opened with prayer. The Minutes of 
Monday were read and^corrected. 

The Keport of the ( lonimittec on Domestic jMissions was adopted 
and ordered to be filed away aniong the papers of the Committee. 

Hev. Mr. Wall was directed to declare the Church of Washington 

The call from the Church of Newborn for the pastoral services of 
the Rev. Mr. Wail was put into his hands, and being accepted, it was 
ordered that the installation of IMr. AVall take place at the next regu- 
lar Session of Presbytery : — That the Rev. -Dr. Phillips preach the in- 
stallation sermon ] the Rev. Dr. Wilson give the Charge to the pas- 
tor ; and the Rev. Dr. Lacy give the Charge to the people. 

Mr. Wharton having signified his acceptance of the call from the 
Church of Milton, it was ordered that when Presbytery adjourn, it ad- 
journ to meet in Pdllton on the Friday before the first Sabbath in Ju^ 


I J to attend to the ordination and installation of Mr. Wharton if tho 
way be open : — That the Rev. Alexander Wilson, D.D., preach the 
sermon, with the Rev. James Phillips, D.P., as alternate, that the 
Rev. S. A. Stanfield give the Charge t#the pastor, having Rev. E. 
Mitchell, as, his alternate, and that-the Rev. John S. Grasty 

give the Charge to the people, having the Rev. Hines as his alter- 

Newbern was chosen as the place of the next regular meeting of 
Presbytery on Wednesday, December 6tli, 1854, at 7 o'clock, P. M. 

Resolved, That the Committee of Domestic Missions have leave to 
increase the quota paid to Missionaries within our bounds, so that they 
be sufficiently well supported. And that in this matter they be guided 
by their own sound discretion. 

The Treasurer presented a list of the Churches which at the time 
were delinquent with respect to the Presbyterial assessments. 

At 10 o'clock the Presbytery attended to the order of the day. 
After an address from the Rev. Mr. Baird, it was unanimously 

Resolved, That this Presbytery heartily approves of the plan pro- 
posed by the Agent of the Board of Publication and recommends all 
its Churches to procure a complete set of the books of the Board, for 
their own use, as speedily as possible. 

It was ordered that the Treusurer of Presbytery pay over to the 
Agent of the Board of Publication such moneys as he may have on 
hand belonging to that Board. 

The Committee on the examination of candidates reported, having 
had a conference with some of them, and that Presbytery recommend 
to Mr. Morrow to make further progress in his literary and scientific 

Resolved, That the thanks of this Presbytery be tendered to the 
citizens around about Spring Hill, for the kindness and hospitahty 
with which they have received and entertained the members of this 
Presbytery, and to the Baptist Church at Black Walnut for the use of 
their house of worship, and that Rev. Messrs. Stanfield and Scott be 
requested to publish this resolution from their respective pulpits. 

Presbytery then adjourned to meet at Milton, N. C, on the Friday 
before the first Sabbath in July, 1851= Closed with prayer. 

J, DOLL, Stated Clerk.